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Our technologies have proven its worth, let’s now give it a chance. One of the best things about being your technology service provider and developer is the opportunity for you to get your new yet accustomed technologies. It’s all part of taking the kind of proactive approach that helps your brands thrive.

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Technological innovation over the last decade has led to an evolution of functional textile. That’s why we assure you the highest level of functionality suited to your commercial demands. When it comes to technology development, we expedite the path to a solution by effectively blending custom development with the integration of your brands and products.

Our expert team will work with you closely in every step of the way throughout the development of your new functional product. Hence, we will analysed all the products and advise the suitable and right technology in Vision Board 001.

Yes. Once embedded, the impregnation is binding with the fabric surface as one. The inert properties of the nanomaterial would not penetrate the skin. It will stay on the fabric to perform its functionality.
At first, to make sure all products are compatible with our technology(ies), we will advise the clients to send us some samples that they wanted it to be functionalized. By having the sample(s), we are able to conduct a Preliminary Test which the benchmark must be at leaast 82% and above.
The price of the nanotechnology embedment may be varied and we will calibrate the best for our customers according to:
a. type of fabrics
b. type of technology(ies) desired
c. volume of roll out
d. time frame
Unlock Your Potential


Stay Hygienic Without Worry

Inspired by the humidity of the tropical climate in Malaysia, the Hygienic series aims to give you antibacterial, odourless, yet comfy clothes so that you don’t need to feel insecure about the surrounding. Feel safe and happy!


Protect for Your Better Futures

In our Protection Series, we offer varieties of nanotechnology, which consists of UV protection, anti-static, and hydrophobic. Our goal is to protect the skin from sun, sensitivity, and water.


Created to Please You

Our Care Series, which consists of breathable, cooling, and quick dry technology, helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during hot and cold weather as we aim to give you freshness like a breath of fresh air.


Comfort Clothes, Better Life

For those who aim for faster and lighter, there is Comfort Series Technology. This cutting-edge technology was built to give a lightweight feel, quick-dry, plus the vital technology for busy people to be iron-free.


Try Out Our New Blends in Fabric

Feel the difference with our premium series, which blends out the new fabric materials and new fibrous.


An Experience Highly Accustomed to Your Technology Needs

This series is inspired by the advancement of technology to make your textile stronger and hydrophobic. Feel the advancement in line with the technology.