Malaysian firm NanoTextile launches Beneath Hijab theme

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Pic: Timur Gulitashvili | Dreamstime.comMalaysian nanotechnology firm NanoTextile has launched a new theme called ‘Beneath Hijab’ under the theme of ‘When Fashion Meets Technology’ that was introduced in 2019. Beneath Hijab takes into consideration the underscarf or inner scarf, a small piece of fabric that is used essentially as part of the headwear for the Muslimah community.

‘Beneath Hijab’ was inspired by the underscarf or inners that come in a vast range of designs, silhouette, and colours. The inner scarf serves the users a variety of purposes, including keeping the hair away from the face. Each variety of underscarf, such as the full underscarf, ninja inner, bonnet hat and tie-back bonnet cap, has its own function that is ideal for both short and long hair. Another reason to wear the underscarf is to keep the hijab from becoming slippery and to provide coverage under transparent hijabs to conceal the hair, the company said in a press release.

The cornerstone of Beneath Hijab is to provide functionality behind comfort. The term ‘functionality’ refers to the nanotechnology that is embedded into the product. This nanotechnology for the inner scarves is part of NanoTextile’s technologies under the Hygienic Series consisting of antibacterial, odourless and self-cleaning technologies.

Antibacterial underscarf acts in the same way as antibacterial detergents and disinfectants, targeting microorganisms at the microscopic level to stop them from growing and reproducing. Different chemicals and fabrics have varying degrees of efficacy. Plus, before fashion brands opt for the hygienic technologies, they must first examine the compatibility to see if the fabric type is compatible with nanotechnology. In addition to the efficiency of nanotechnology, according to, some products are meant to kill spore cells on contact, whereas others are intended to minimise the spread of infections over time. Killing the microorganisms help in controlling unwanted body odour.

“A beautiful design will be the right choice when it comes to the combination of nanotechnology. Therefore, this is the most compelling reason why revenue for NanoTextile’s technology serving the hygienic inner scarf has consistently topped RM 1.08 million for these numerous years. Fashion firms have been successful in capturing the hearts of their customers,” said the company.

“Some Muslimah famous brands in Malaysia, such as TudungPeople, CalaQisya, Olloum and others, have begun to think creatively for the past few years in blending fashion with technology. It is a great first step in bringing the Muslimah fashion market up to par with other segments and worldwide companies. And indeed, as the first Malaysian company to tap into this innovative potential of nanotechnologies, we are pleased to provide services and supply to other big brands out there, not limited to Muslimah fashion only,” the company further said.

Fashion has always been at the frontline of innovation, as proven by the invention of the sewing machine and the growth of e-commerce. Dr Thomas, CEO of NanoTextile, said “Functional clothing for inner scarves as part of modest fashion essentials, like nanotechnology, is always forward-looking and cyclical”.

Fashion brands can drive more nanotechnology adoption in their products, as nanotechnology-embedded fabrics can be modified to offer features like UV protection, quick drying, liquid resistance, and much more.

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