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Nur Hani Aqilah Binti Salehin & Thomas P.S. Ong
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Let us see what 2022 will start with. One obvious thing to be sure of is wearing a mask. Malaysians are still masking either in open places or fully vaccinated and obviously in crowded places too. Since the Delta and Omicron virus has spread out through the entire country, masking is necessary while double masking has been one step ahead for more protection.

Double mask as a new way of life! “In high-risk environments such as hospitals, it is recommended that you wear a double face mask and a face shield”

“There is no need for a double face mask in public areas, but it is obligatory to wear a face mask,” said Malaysian Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. He recommended Malaysians take extra precautions when visiting high-risk public places such as hospitals as at the moment, the infection caused by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is rapidly spreading throughout the world. This variant is wellknown for its high transmissibility rate, but it is not as severe as its ancestor, the Delta variant. Nevertheless, without hesitation and compulsion, we as Malaysians began to take precautionary measures by wearing a double face mask anywhere whether on the train, in the mall, or in the cinema.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) undertook much research in January 2021 to improve mask function and reduce COVID-19 transmission. It was determined that ‘double-masking,’ or knotting the ear loops of a 3-ply mask and adjusting it to fit snugly to the face, can give more protection for the mask-wearer and those around them.

Since there are many types of face masks that have been designed such as N95 mask protection, KN95, KF94, surgical mask, 3-ply disposable mask, fabric mask, etc, there are some people who perform double masking incorrectly. Some may just double the 3-ply mask, while others may double the KF94 mask, resulting in an 8-ply mask that makes breathing difficult and highly discouraged.

The method of double masking is simple, it involves putting two different and correct combination types of face masks on your face. The CDC recommends a 3-ply disposable or surgical face mask with a cloth mask.

When double masking, it is critical to ensure that the masks fit exactly against the sides of the face so have no holes for air to flow inside and out. Next level of protection Can you picture doubling your masking while also tripling your protection? It has provided you with additional protection against bacteria and some types of viruses. Choosing a cloth mask with antibacterial properties will provide further protection. Antibacterial characteristics are all the rage these days, and their incorporation into clothes and Muslimah dress has taken it to the next level, particularly in Malaysia. Unfortunately, one of the most common questions from buyers before purchasing a product is, “How can we know  if this product is antibacterial?”

Yes, people will not buy the product if they’re unsure. But there will be no loyal customer when there is no first buyer. Hence, at the end of the day, they will buy it with the conviction of the founder or other buyer. This concern has been appearing in antibacterial face mask. But, if people consider on the benefit, truly they will purchase it. One advantage of antibacterial face masks is that they operate as a silent defender. Whether it is a cloth mask or a disposable mask, it helps

reduce the danger of transferring bacteria and viruses into your hands when adjusting it. However, it is important to note that antibacterial face masks cannot destroy the COVID-19 virus, as there is no study to support this claim.

If you wonder how an antibacterial face mask works?

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There are many brands in Malaysia that started to sell the antibacterial face mask mainly for cloth mask, such as Three Little Ahmads, CalaQisya, TudungPeople and for disposable face mask, Yukazan is one of the antibacterial face mask producers.

How to clean an antibacterial face mask? 
The face mask with antibacterial characteristics on the inside may be washed as usual. If you buy an antimicrobial disposable face mask, simply fold the outside corners together and toss it in the trash. If, on the other hand, you purchase an antibacterial fabric mask, you should gentle wash it in room temperature water with a standard grade detergent. However, the fabric mask can also be hand-washed but without chlorine bleach, and the face mask can be dried by hanging damp from
a line or bar.

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