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We make it functional.

Subheader 1_Our Passion

We help our clients achieve commercial excellence.

nanotextile+ is an integrator and brand-building avenue. Some call it a feature, but we call it a vertical; developed by us solely to help our business partners with extended access to insights and benefits.

With our in-house team comprised of product innovators, technology and business strategists, we’re focused on building and crafting the best solutions you can trust. Gone are the days when you sign on memberships or loyalty programs; nanotextile+ is focused on providing long term business enhancement solely for our business partners.

We'll Keep Building Opportunities For Your Business

We'll keep building opportunities for your business

The Elements


Our experienced growth innovators are consumer experts who are capable in offering management that varies for each segments

Tech for your Growth

Tech for your Growth

We give you first access to our technologies to improve and optimize your brand acceleration

Success driven

Success driven

We’re focused on your brands’ financial returns as we work towards success, your success

How does it work?

nanotextile+ consists of three elements and here’s how it works



Get access to experiential rewards that is designed based on our data analysis, that is surely impactful enough to boost your businesses.

Partnership (1)



We treasure you as our business partners. Hence to foster the business, we are ready to share insightful rewards that you’ll have full control of. Enjoy low risk strategic investment. Activate as you go.




Get your complementary insights about our current advancements and technology consultancy to expect what is next in the market and R&D sectors.

nanotextile360° comprises of both our passion and innovation in problem-solving and utilising technology as one of the tools in promoting textile sustainability. We want to reach out to Malaysia and international audience with our progressive thoughts towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability has to be a joint effort in the fashion and textile industry. nanotextile360°’s vision is to integrate technology into fashion and consumer brands, be the inspiration to upcoming designs and development, and continuous research for new breakthroughs in the industry. 


What inspire our 360° all-round initiatives?

Join us in supporting textile sustainability in these initiative pillars

Knowledge and Design

Knowledge and Design

Embracing technology and current advancement into fundamentals of design. nanotextile360° aims to work in collaboration with designers and fashion institutes with common ambition to merge.

Gallery and Exhibition

Gallery and Exhibition

Building a culture based on what we understand about textiles. nanotextile360° aims to have a sustainable approach on everything we do – from yarn to fabric production to apparels.



Adding value of technology for boosted commercial impact in your businesses. nanotextile360°  aims to enhance new product range creation through enhanced technology adoption.



Finding the next breakthrough of new solutions. nanotextile360°  aims to jointly research and develop new materials as alternatives to consumables and fibres in textile manufacturing.

If you would like to
explore your ideas and
collaborate with us, we
have the space, tools and
expertise to share with you!

collaborate with us (1)


CEO, and founder of PONEY.

“Venturing into nanotechnology-enhanced products is our effort in ensuring care for the little ones. We see this as the starting of an exciting collaboration with NANOTEXTILE with a view not only in current execution but innovative ways to provide enhanced values to our customers”


Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Management, University of Wollongong in Dubai

“Dr. Thomas was instrumental in sharing his knowledge, insights and experience in promoting ‘Sustainability Agenda’ in my class when we collaborated to promote university and industry engagement. To me, not only he promotes Sustainability Principles and SDGs in NanoTextile, but he has shown clear passion on the implementation and effective use of fiber and material to cement the ‘know-what’ and ‘know-how’ in the fashion industry of tomorrow. With such awareness, our students are well informed about corporate practices. In the academic setting, my role as a professor is to minimize the academia-industry gaps, so that the bridge between us as stakeholders and partnerships will pave the road to Young Leaders in becoming ‘The Sustainabilist’ in a more distinctive manner”


Events Associate at Charlton Media Group

“I was searching for the country’s best technology company on behalf of Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards and I came across Nanotextile Sdn Bhd. Working with the team closely, I saw their dedication towards excellent innovations. Nanotextile, a worthy titleholder of Nanotechnology – Apparel trophy in MTEA”


Senior Events Executive at Charlton Media Group

“NanoTextile Sdn Bhd was one of the winners for Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2020, which was organised by our magazine, Singapore Business Review. Their innovative technology for the apparel and fashion industry was indeed a game-changer and was definitely deserving to be recognised in the awards”


Event Manager at Charlton Media Group

“Innovation that constitutes beauty and sustainability in the world of fashion – that makes NanoTextile standout in the textile industry. NanoTextile already amazed us and attested itself with their innovation to produce eco-fashion clothing in spite of being new in its industry. We are proud to have them as one of the winners in the most recent Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards”