Fahrenheit88 and NanoTextile Present Live Cool Live Green: A Celebration of Sustainability, Eco-Consciousness, and Active Lifestyle

Fahrenheit88, in collaboration with NanoTextile Sdn Bhd, is proud to announce Live Cool Live Green, an exciting campaign that aims to celebrate sustainability, eco-consciousness, and an active lifestyle, all under one roof. The event will be held at the Atrium, Ground Floor Fahrenheit88, in Bukit Bintang, from 9th June 2023 to 2nd July 2023, between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm.

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Live Cool Live Green campaign is part of NanoTextile’s larger initiative, nanotextile360ᵒ, which focuses on four pillars; Knowledge and Design, Gallery and Exhibition, Commercial and Development.

The event will showcase a variety of activities and experiences designed to captivate and motivate visitors while increasing awareness of sustainable practices and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly solutions in daily life.

nano textile

“Landmark” of Live Cool Live Green campaign – structural and heap of cloth dumping indicating textile and fashion waste; an awareness toward sustainability.

nano textile
The Redefined Fashion Exhibition

The Redefined Fashion Exhibition, a collaboration between NanoTextile and the Design School of Taylor’s University, is a notable feature of the event.

The exhibition will run from June 9th to July 2nd, 2023 and showcase fashion designs that prioritize sustainability by incorporating unconventional materials, such as recycled materials, into their collections.

Fashion students incorporate a variety of unconventional materials into their designs, such as loom bands, trash bags, zippers, cable tights, and others. The gallery, nanotextile360° captivates both passion and innovation in problem-solving and utilising technology as one of the tools in promoting textile sustainability.

nano textile
nano textile
Fashion Innovation with Cable Tights, Trash Bags and Zippers in association with nanotextile360° curated by NanoTextile

Additionally, a series of interactive workshops, textile gallery and stations are aimed at encouraging active participation. Visitors can participate in the No-Sew Craft Workshop on June 17th and 18th, 2023.

During the workshop, they will learn to create mini tote bag, felt keychain and phone beanbag without using sewing machine. At the Repair and Upcycling Station, hosted by fashion design students from Vocational College of Sepang, visitors can have their damaged clothing items repaired or explore various upcycling options.

The highly anticipated ‘Jom Cloth Swap’ event, scheduled for June 24th, 2023, offers an exciting opportunity for participants to acquire ‘new’ clothes at no cost.

Instead of purchasing new garments, participants can bring their gently used clothing items and exchange them with others, injecting new life into their wardrobes without spending a dime.

However, the benefits of this event extend far beyond personal style and cost; participants to actively contribute to reducing environmental impact.

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Visitors also will have the chance to take part in the Learn and Embrace Workshops, which will showcase Beads Embroidery Artistry Workshop by ManekNya, Shop Green by BeeBag, Batik Colouring and Linocut Print of Totebag by Teja Studio, and other notable exhibitor.

All of the workshops aim to educate attendees on sustainable practices, including eco-friendly bag making, traditional craftsmanship and adopting a greener lifestyle.

The Live Cool Live Green campaign welcomes the public as it will be an entertaining and instructive experience for all participants and tourists.

The event will delve into the intersection of sustainability, eco-consciousness, and an active lifestyle. Join us at the Atrium in Ground Floor Fahrenheit88, in the heart of bustling Bukit Bintang, from June 9th, 2023 to July 2nd, 2023, and become a part of the movement towards a more sustainable future!

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