THE STAR – Nanosocks For Students To Boost Interest In Science

KOTA KINABALU: Some 1,150 students of SMK Tenghilan, about 55km from here, were given Nanosocks (nano-tech socks) to encourage them to cultivate an interest in science and technology.

Science, Techology and Innovation (MOSTI) Minister Datuk Madius Tangau said the presentation of nanosocks was also to instil awareness on self health and cleanliness among the students.

“MOSTI is committed to making science, technology, engineering and mathematics a culture among the youth and this is among the methods to boost their interest in this field,” he said after launching a “Nano Technology Awareness Briefing” at the school.

The nanosocks sponsored by NanoTextile Sdn Bhd, an agency under MOSTI, has anti-stench, bacteria, and moss prevention agents.

They are also manufactured using environmental friendly methods.

“By introducing nanosocks to students, we will be able to show them how nano based technology can be applied to textile making and other everyday industries,” Madius explained.