NanoTextile rolls out 2nd programme on textile and fashion sustainability

The programme comprises four pillars.

NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NanoTextile)has launched its second textile and fashion sustainability programme called “nanotextile360°” which adopts the “sand castle” design and build philosophy.

The programme comprises four (4) pillars: Knowledge and Design, Development, Gallery and Exhibition, and Commercial.

Under the Knowledge and Design pillar, the company will help its partners embrace technology and current advancement in the fundamentals of design. 

NanoTextile will also help find the next breakthrough of new solutions through joint research and development of new materials as alternatives to consumables and fibres in textile manufacturing. 

The programme also aims to have the industry adopt a sustainable approach to everything the textile manufacturers do –- from yarn to fabric production to apparel. 

Lastly, NanoTextile said the program will enhance new product range creation through enhanced technology adoption. 

Overall, these pillars will allow NanoTextile’s partner stakeholders to |quickly adapt, instil their respective development programmes, and commercialise and exhibit products with sustainability in mind.“

“When we talk about sustainability, we encourage partnering partners to explore all avenues created within the program that is risk-free for the industry to tackle their common pain points and possible solutions. The pain points are often the expectations from the end customers that associate with their increase in purchasing power,” the company said.

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