TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN – Nanotextile Bags Trophy At Malaysia Tech Excellence Awards


Malaysian company NanoTextile Sdn Bhd recently bagged the Nanotechnology-Apparel trophy at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2020, presented by Singapore Business Review. The firm was recognised for its first all-Malaysian initiative titled ‘When Fashion Meets Technology’, which offers a platform to fashionistas and technologists to collaborate more.

NanoTextile offers technology application which gives advantages in the fashion industry with various offerings in terms of performance, comfortability, cleanliness, and current needs. The company’s proprietary technologies and processes give resultant effects ranging from UV protection to antimicrobial, odour control, to self-cleaning functionalities.

NanoTextile also offers a new approach for the processing of fabric materials. Its nanotechnology-embedded fabrics can resist liquids, fight off statics, dry quickly and breathe.