SINGAPORE BUSINESS REVIEW – Nanotextile Nabs Nanotechnology – Apparel Trophy In Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards


The firm was recognised for its first all-Malaysian affair—When Fashion Meets Technology.

When NanoTextile Sdn Bhd launched the theme “When Fashion Meets Technology,” fashion companies are by necessity quick to pick up on the latest trends.

It was the year when the company realized fashionista and technologist have to collaborate more. NanoTextile did just that by extending to everything from clothes and business models to new innovations in functional, technical offerings, and production. Because of the company’s innovativeness, it has bagged the Nanotechnology – Apparel trophy in the recently concluded Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2020, presented by Singapore Business Review.

Nowadays the fashion industry has become more interesting and advanced. The demand has grown so much throughout the past years where consumers are demanding more than just a fabric. Technology is therefore infused into fashion and that has automatically enhanced the level of the fashion industry in the world.

NanoTextile offers the opportunity of both investment and innovation for all main players in the industry to bridge the gap between product creation and market entry. The gaining pace becomes faster because it is driven by consumers’ demand.

Fashion industry and technology combined from the manufacturing process until the end product as they face up to its responsibility to satisfy consumers and fulfil demand. It is such a smart movement when technology infuses into fashion as it can now be seen as a revolution.

NanoTextile offers technology application which gives advantages in the fashion industry with various offerings in terms of performance, comfortability, cleanliness, and current needs. “When Fashion Meets Technology” has definitely infused confidence in the consumer.

With nanotechnology embedment as an added value proposition, many new functionalities are being introduced—the demand statistics. For an instant, the company’s collaboration with Poney Garments in 2019 targets a specific audience with the launch of Baby Essential Extra Care collection with antibacterial properties.

“We have always been attentive about children’s well-being and happiness in PONEY. Venturing into nanotechnology-enhanced products is our effort in ensuring care for the little ones,” said Albert Tan, CEO and Founder of PONEY.

“We see this as the starting of an exciting collaboration with NanoTextile with a view not only in current execution but innovative ways to provide enhanced values to our customers. Wanting to pride ourselves as a leading brand and provider of children’s apparels and related products, we constantly need to deliver innovation and be ahead of the curve,” he added.

NanoTextile has since received the feedback and the confidence gained within the parents’ community to give extra and more protection comes with comfort in its nanotechnology enhanced products. Nanotechnology promotes a variety of protection possibilities for the fabric in fashion. Sequel to this successful theme has resulted in new possibilities and functionalities being introduced in other market segments such as the sportswear, women modest clothing and fashion, undergarments and others. The company’s proprietary technologies and processes give resultant effects ranging from UV protection to antimicrobial, odour control, to self-cleaning functionalities.

To modernize the clothing industry, NanoTextile also offers a new approach for the processing of fabric materials. The nanotechnology embedded fabrics can be designed in a way to do almost everything; resist liquids, fight off statics, quick-drying and breathe.

The Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards, presented by Singapore Business Review, was held via video conferencing throughout the month of September.

This year’s nominations were judged by a panel consisting of Justin Ong, Partner and FSI Financial and Regulatory Risk Leader at Deloitte Asia Pacific; Alvin SH Gan, Executive Director, Partner, Head of IT enabled Transformation (ITeT) at KPMG Malaysia; Hari Iyer, Executive Director, Advisory at BDO Kuala Lumpur; Michael Lim Jr, Managing Director at Crowe Growth Consulting Sdn Bhd; Jade Leong, Partner, Advisory at Ernst & Young Advisory Services Sdn Bhd.